MetroMovers Fair ChargingOur Fair Charging System Means No Hidden Costs!

At MetroMovers, we believe in a pricing system that is fair to our customers.

For local moves, we provide either a fixed amount or hourly rate quote.

The most popular and cost effective is the hourly rate system as you pay for the exact duration of your move.

The Hourly Rate Quote

All our prices are inclusive of GST and we charge from and back to the nearest depot to your moving-from and moving-to addresses. MetroMovers has many depots points located throughout Melbourne and Sydney to make your move as cost effective as possible.

We use the Google mapping system to work out the quickest possible time to get from our closest depot to your first address and then from your last address back to our closest depot. This is worked out at our office prior to your move and is charged as a portion of the hourly rate.

This is a win-win for our customers as you don’t pay for any travel delays that may be caused by peak hour, or traffic congestion caused by accidents or simply if our driver has trouble finding your address.

Our removalists are highly trained, and are recruited for their qualities of strength, endurance and co-ordination to ensure that they are the best men for the job that can handle your furniture with the right mix of speed and care.

What Is The Competition Doing?

All accredited removals companies charge from depot to depot as they are required by law to pay full wages to their removalists from depot to depot. Some of these companies operate from a single depot and the travel costs can work out quite expensive if your home or office is far from their depot location.

For example: You are moving a 3 bedroom home from Brighton, VIC to Mount Eliza, VIC.

  • For 2 men and 1 large truck, you are charged $179 per hour from and back to the closest MetroMovers depot.
  • MetroMovers Caulfield depot to Brighton home = 15 minutes ($44.75)
  • Mount Eliza home back to MetroMovers Frankston depot = 15 minutes ($44.75)
  • Then the actual time starts from when the team sign on at your current home in Brighton until the team sign off at your new home in Frankston (then the depot travel charges are added on)

We have the added convenience to you of having many depot points located throughout Melbourne and Sydney to keep your travel costs as low as possible.

Some non-accredited removals companies only charge from door to door. This is usually coupled with the fact that they only pay their removalists from door to door. Not only is this an illegal practice for the Transport Industry wage award rates but, employees who are prepared to work for these lower wages usually provide a lower quality service.

Some furniture removals companies charge additional amounts that are only disclosed on the day of your move. These charges may include; toll fees, fuels surcharges, difficult access or stair surcharges. This is not an ethical practice.

MetroMovers do not charge any add-ons on the day of your move. All charges are discussed and emailed to you in your confirmation booking prior to their start of your move.

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