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Moving House Boxes And Packing Materials

You've just booked your house move with MetroMovers and now it is time to get organised and start packing! The date is set, the time is arranged, the team and truck are booked, the new house is ready, but the terrifying task of fitting all of your worldly belongings into a couple of boxes has not yet been tackled. And where on earth will you find affordable, high quality packing materials? Look no further, MetroMovers offers a one stop shop for all of your box shop needs.

Our online and retail box shop stocks all of our custom made and high quality moving boxes and packing materials essential for a perfect move to your new home or to a storage facility.

We specialise in small boxes, big boxes, packing paper, picture boxes, box tape, fragile tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper, foam chips, padded furniture blankets and many more! Whether you're in need of one of our highly recommended moving packs or just a few individual items, we've got you covered.

Need to fit your great, great grandmother’s valuable collection of Toby Jugs? We have thick and padded small boxes just begging to help.

Need to pack away your son’s huge pirate costume collection? We have large boxes already boxing themselves up to lend a helping hand.

What about your mural wall paintings or sentimental family photos? Our picture boxes will do the job.

And your fragile antique glassware or delicate Swarovski crystal figurines? We’ve got packing paper, bubble wrap, acid free tissue paper and fragile tape.

Offering individual items as well as move specific packages, the MetroMovers box shop has it all.

We also stock portable wardrobes, plasma crates for medium and large televisions and mattress and couch covers in a range of sizes. For those moving with MetroMovers, we provide these items complimentary on moving day. Contact one of our consultants to claim your freebies and the amount you require.

Delivery Straight To Your Door

When it comes to ordering your boxes it is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Take your pick on our online box shop or give our friendly consultants a call on 1300 138 960 to arrange your order. But wait, there’s more! Once the order has been processed, we will deliver your boxes and packing materials straight to your door free of charge for orders over $80. If you are not home, they can be left in a sheltered and safe place for your convenience.

Once your relocation is completed and you’ve had the time to sort through your things, the question of how to discard your used boxes can also be solved by us! MetroMovers delivers and collects your moving boxes free of charge. So whether one of our meticulous unpackers has helped you settle into your new home or you’re a bit of a procrastinator and just finished unpacking three months after moving in, we can come and collect them any time after your relocation date; just shoot us an email or a phone call.

You can rest assured knowing you don’t have to travel to scary warehouses in order to find some packing boxes that may even break before you arrive home. As with our relocation service, our MetroMovers moving boxes strive to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Our boxes are durable, reliable and purpose built for moving. So, come rain or shine, our boxes will always safeguard your precious belongings. Visit our packing tips page or talk to us if need some tips on the best way to make up and pack the perfect box. Hint: the secret is using lots and lots of paper and scrunching.

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