How To Pack Wine Bottles

No need to pack your wine bottles into wine boxes if use this packing technique!

How To Pack Wine Bottles

Image by Burst from Pexels

Moving is already a highly stressful experience. Throw in a whole lot of wine bottles and stress levels begin to grow due to the complexity involved with packing wine bottles.

Often, customers will opt to purchase specially designed wine boxes. However, this can rack up as an extra cost both in terms of time and cost associated with purchasing wine boxes.

Alas, this extra cost of time and money can be avoided with a simple packing technique that is utilized by many professional packing/relocation services in the industry.

This technique requires three :

The process that follows is extremely simple:

  1. You will need to assemble and tape the box and line the bottom of it with a few pieces of scrunched up butchers paper
  2. Wrap 3 wine bottles in 1 – 2 layers of butchers paper
  3. Lie them flat, in a top-to-bottom format (i.e. the first bottom has the neck at the top, the second has the neck at the bottom, and the third has the neck at the top)
  4. Cover with a layer of scrunched butchers paper
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 until box capacity has been reached
  6. Ensure final layer of wine is covered with scrunched butchers paper
  7. Tape box, and, move on!

This process will ensure that your wine bottles are kept safe and secure throughout the relocation process, and achieves this surety in a way that is affordable and timely.

So, whether you are an avid wine collector or just enjoy a glass of wine every now and again, this packing technique will help you get your wine bottles from A to B in one whole piece.

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