Pros and Cons of Moving to Melbourne

Moving to Melbourne

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Melbourne Living: The Pros and The Cons

So you’ve recently found out that your partner has an awesome job opportunity in “the world’s most liveable city” and you are on the fence about moving to Melbourne. Here is a list from a born and raised Melbournian about some of the stand out features of living in Melbourne city.

Cafes and coffees

Melbournians take Sunday brunch very seriously so there is an array of hipster cafes serving high quality coffee so you know it’s going to be good. It is normal to stand around waiting in line for one hour at a top notch brunch spot on a Sunday morning. If you didn’t already know, Melbourne was internationally voted as one of the coffee capitals of the world and it has been said many times that “it’s nearly impossible to find a bad cup of coffee in Melbourne”.

Sporting Events

It is no surprise Melbourne was named “Sports City of the Decade” with yearly events such as the Australian Open and a Formula One Australian Grand Prix. Aside from the several worldwide events, the Victorian city also has a huge footy culture with the AFL, cricket culture with the boxing day test match at the MCG and horse racing culture with the Spring Racing Carnival just to name a few so if you love your sports then this city is the place to be.


Melbourne’s iconic trams are used on every marketing brochure you will find about this beautiful city because they are a great transport option to work your way around the inner city. Although Myki may not have the best reputations when it comes to ticketing systems, don’t fear as there are lots of free trams to ride in the city within the free tram zone and a free inner city circle tram that takes you past major attractions with audio commentary to go along with your ride.


After a long week at work, many people spend their weekends away from the city or go on day trips within Victoria. Popular weekend destinations are the Yarra Valley, Phillip Island and the Great Ocean Road all within a few hours drive from the city centre.


If you’ve heard the obsurd saying that Melbourne often experiences four seasons in one day; this is not a lie. It is not uncommon to carry a pair of sunnies and an umbrella in your bag despite what the weather app on your phone says because when it comes to Melbourne weather you just never know. Melbourne is also known for being cold 75% of the year so if you prefer chilly weather then you will thoroughly enjoy being in this city. If you are coming from the sunny states such as Brisbane or Sydney where swimmers and thongs are part of your normal attire, this is not the case for Melbourne so be prepared to invest in good quality coats, jackets, scarves and boots.


Melbourne is the second most expensive city in Australia with Sydney coming in at number one. If you are relocating from Sydney the drop in rent and living expenses will please you, but if you are moving from a more affordable city such as Adelaide then be prepared to downsize your home whilst maintaining the same budget.


Melbourne is known as Australia’s fashion capital by locals, interstate and international visitors because of its well known street style. The city also houses the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere Chadstone Shopping Centre which is also known as The Fashion Capital.

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