Moving Out Of A Rental Property

Rental Moving

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

Ending your rental lease is not as stressful as you think it may be as long as you are organised.

Once you know your time in your rental home is up then it is time to start preparing yourself to move with the following guide so both yourself and your landlord can end on good terms.

Organise your final meter readings

Advise your energy company with plenty of days notice that you will be leaving your rental so they can come and organise a final meter reading. You don’t want to still be paying for energy after you have moved out. They can also help you set up your energy at your new home in time so you can walk into your new home all set up. You should also notify your other utility companies such as your telephone, internet and pay TV providers of your change of address.

Notify change of address

Your address is located on many important documents so ensure you notify these corporations that you will no longer be living in your previous rental. These including changing your address regarding insurance, banks, vets, councils, motor registration, driver licence, memberships and subscriptions etc.

Get your bond back

As long as you have followed the process correctly, your signatures on your bond claim match the RTBA’s records and the RTBA has your bank account details then you should receive your bond back within 3 business days. It is also a good idea to check the rental property against the condition report for when you moved in, compare photos of when you first moved in and also take photos when you leave to avoid any problems that may arise.

Be mindful of the notice period

Depending on the notice period of your leasing agreement, you will usually need to give your landlord at least 28 days notice that you will be moving out of your current rental. If you don’t provide the appropriate days notice then you may have to pay rent even after you have moved out. Giving notice applies to both month-to-month contracts and also fixed leases.

Give notice to your roommates

If you are sharing your current home with roommates then you should give them as much notice as well about your decision to leave. Don’t forget if you have co-signed your lease with your roommate then you are equally responsible for the rental so you want to ensure all procedures are followed correctly.

Restore walls to its original condition

If your landlord gave you some flexible and allowed you to paint the walls and hang some portraits up during your stay then it is your responsibility to ensure the walls are restored back to its original condition. Make sure you fill all the holes with high and repaint the walls to its original colour to ensure you get your full bond back.

Do not leave anything behind

When it comes to moving day, make sure you take all your belongings with you when you move out so the home is a clean empty shell for the next tenant. If personal belongings are left behind then the landlord may be able to charge you for clearing those items. It is also a good idea to hire professional cleaners for the final clean to ensure there are no issues with the landlord.

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