Word Of Mouth Customer Reviews

Satisfying customers and customer feedback is important to MetroMovers so why don’t you read hundreds of our positive reviews on Word of Mouth.

Great Service Is No Fluke

I was 5 mins aways from a client’s house to do a survey when she called apologising that she was going to be an hour late. It wasn’t worth trying to do my next survey earlier so I parked up and decided to get some breakfast. I walked past an inviting looking cafe which seemed […]

Having Great Customers

Happy New Year !! One of the things that I like about the New Year is that I always think about the many wonderful people and great customers we moved during the year and how some of their stories have really inspired me. Having great customers is one of the reasons why I love my […]

Using Internet Reviews For The Perfect Move

In the digital age, and with an increasing number of people reviewing services, there is no excuse to pick a lemon removalist! Sure, 10 years ago we took a bit of a risk with moving house – stolen or damaged furniture and excess added charges were not unheard of (and, unfortunately still aren’t). With internet […]

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