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Why Choose MetroMovers

MetroMovers is a sophisticated business relocations company that prides itself on delivering projects on time and on budget. Our removalists are experienced, dedicated, punctual, well-presented and courteous, all backed by a customer focused and resource-rich support team.

Staff Presentation & Marketability

MetroMovers prides itself on the presentation and consistency of our staff. All removalist staff are in uniform and for security reasons are fully recognisable when on site. Our presentation is our brand and it is this key variable that enhances our reputation in the marketplace and sets us apart from our competition.

Project Planning

Our project managers work extremely closely with our company managers and our clients throughout the planning phase of all projects. We want to ensure that all logistics of your project are taken care of. We ensure that access is arranged, lifts and loading docks are booked at all locations, entrances are padded and protected and of course that your staff are organised, packed and ready to go.

We ensure that your staff fully understand what their requirements are for packing and labelling of files and assets. We conduct a pre-move meeting with all key staff members involved in the relocation. This is completed prior to the delivery of your moving crates and cartons. We ensure that all staff understand and are supportive of the process.

Our Equipment

MetroMovers has invested in the procurement and development of relocation equipment to meet industry standards and benchmarks. Our equipment is state of the art and ensures the full protection of our client’s assets and premises.

Our equipment also supports the OH&S requirements to support the health and well-being of our staff.

Our Fleet of Vehicles

As with our equipment, MetroMovers has invested heavily in our fleet of vehicles which currently sits at 30. Our fleet has been awarded the best removals fleet in Australia for 2012 so you know your contents are safe and secure with us. We have a combination of trucks and vans to support the diversity of projects we manage. Our trucks have a combination of tail lifts and ramps depending on the access at a particular location. Our large fleet of vehicles allows us to manage multiple projects with a strong resource base.

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