MetroMovers Workstations and FurnitureRecycled Workstations – A Sustainable Solution

MetroMovers is extremely passionate about reducing the amount of workstations and furniture that is sent to land-fill each year. Our Green Star Fit-out Program is a perfect way to re-market and re-use office furniture that still holds a retail value and is a good fit for the image of our clients. MetroMovers procure high volumes of workstations, clerical and office chairs, mobile pedestals, storage cabinets and meeting room furniture from our office removals, to compliment this process. Our pricing structure is in accordance with our environmental policies, and is a powerful marketing tool as it allows our clients to purchase an almost new fit-out for half the cost of new fit-outs.


Our goal at MetroMovers is to have a high volume of workstations in stock at any one time, providing clients and potential clients a vast range to choose from. We stock high end brands such as Schiavello, Haworth, Zenith, Co-Design, Methis and more.

By purchasing a recycled workstation, our clients are preventing 150 kilograms of land fill waste and are reducing our carbon footprint dramatically. In general terms a standard workstation has 2.5 aluminium/steel screens, steel leg components, aluminium/steel posts and a laminated desktop all of which at times can be sent straight to land fill. It is our philosophy to reduce this occurrence by providing a social responsible service to re-sell.

MetroMovers has available systems set up for viewing by appointment during the business hours of Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm.

Workstation Capabilities and Experience

MetroMovers has over 10 years experience in the procurement and resale of office furniture and workstations. We have extensive experience in project planning and working in conjunction with architects, interior designers, project managers, builders, building managers, electricians and so on. MetroMovers has a team of dedicated and experienced installers that will ensure that the installation and fit-out is of the highest quality. Your team will ensure that all workstations are plum, square, level and fully detailed upon completion.

Recycling Program

MetroMovers provides this service for workstations when they have no retail value and cannot be resold. We dismantle each workstation into its individual components and recycle accordingly. We support this process with a Green Star Project Audit which demonstrates the volume of each consignment sold through auction, re-marketed through charity or private treaty, recycled or taken to land fill. It is our goal on large projects to minimise land fill to be less than 10% of the volume ensuring that all facets of the project are handled in an environmentally friendly manner. Our goal on large consignments is as follows:

Sale at Auction Rooms: 50%

Sale by Remarketing: 20%

Recycling Projects: 20%

Land Fill: 10% or Less

Remember, if you have moved with us and still have your moving house boxes, we can pick them up for you!

Furniture Opportunities

MetroMovers compliment a workstation fit out with a broad range of furniture options to add to the cost savings of the project. All furniture items are cleaned and detailed and delivered to site in as close to new condition as possible.

Our furniture range normally consists of:

  • Clerical Chairs
  • Mobile Pedestals
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Lockers
  • Meeting & Boardroom Furniture

Project Pricing

MetroMovers in conjunction with our installation team quote in accordance with the number of components required as opposed to the number of workstations so that our clients are not over charged. Some floor plans can be a lot screen heavier than others and we ensure that our purchase, delivery and installation price compliments this. Floor plans can be emailed directly through to [email protected] for a free quotation and consultation.

Relocation and Rebuild Projects

MetroMovers, in accordance with our installation team, can facilitate any dismantle, relocation and rebuild projects. Our capabilities ensure that all projects are delivered on time, on budget and to your expectations. Our installers are experienced in working with all different types of workstation brands and are therefore suitably equipped for any type of rebuild project.

MetroMovers can often supports these projects by providing additional workstations and furniture at a very competitive rate to compliment the rebuild specifications. Project specifications and tenders can be emailed directly to [email protected] for a free quotation and consultation.

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