Furniture Removalists

Furniture Removalists

A quick Google search of ‘furniture removalists’, recommendations from family and friends, the abundance of removal trucks passing you on the drive to work, or the many brochures you’ve just received in the mail has undoubtedly left you feeling completely overwhelmed. The sheer amount of information to be processed is enough to drive anyone just a little bit silly.

Luckily, your search has ended at MetroMovers. You can begin to breathe, start to smile and even have a cuppa; we’ll take it from here.

MetroMovers are expert Sydney and Melbourne removalists. We offer local & interstate furniture removals, packing and pre-packing services and short to long term self storage options.

Our professional furniture movers makes everything easy to you and can minimise your emotional and physical problems.

MetroMovers: An Experienced Furniture Removals Company

We have been operating for over two decades, and conduct over 500 moves per month. Each of these moves adds another level of experience to our already noteworthy mountain of experience.

So, whether you have just ridden yourself of the kids and are looking to downsize, are planning on up sizing and starting a new family, making the scary step of moving into your very own first home, moving to the next suburb or another state, or moving in with friends; we’ve got you covered.

Reliable Furniture Movers

Big or small, near or far, MetroMovers will always get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can begin to enjoy your new home. To guarantee this kind of service, we strive to be the best moving company in our industry.

This can only be achieved by hiring the best. All applying movers, packers and unpackers vying for a role with MetroMovers are put through vigorous induction exercises so that only the fittest, friendliest and most coordinated remain. Of course, a high level of natural common sense is essential. After all, every move is like a unique Tetris puzzle, to be loaded carefully and efficiently into one of our award winning trucks. Thereafter, our team is trained according to industry standards. We strive to be the best, so you can rest assured knowing that only our best will arrive at your door. Every moving team is skilled, consistent, experienced and provides the professionalism and proper work etiquette expected of an excellent furniture removalist service. The same goes for our office staff who similarly understand the duty of care, patience and understanding needed to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Professional Furniture Removals

From the moment we receive a call, the moving experience becomes highly individualised and is focused on your every need. We are ready to answer every question regarding local and interstate removals, packing services and storage solutions that you may have.

What makes MetroMovers the best choice for moving furniture?

  • We offer local and interstate removalist services in Melbourne and Sydney.
  • We provide you with packing and self storage options.
  • We offer all of the moving boxes and other materials before relocation day.
  • We provide a variety of moving materials including bubble wrap, special boxes for transporting pictures and archive boxes.

So you don’t have to panic about another search and trek through the web to find appropriate packing materials, it’s time to let out a few more deep breaths. MetroMovers can guarantee the availability of a variety of moving materials to ensure your precious items similarly enjoy a comfortable relocation to their new home.

Contact us for a Furniture Removal Quote

So there you have it, nothing fazes us. Our friendly and efficient trained moving consultants are ready and waiting to get the ball rolling on your upcoming relocation, so that you can begin to plan your housewarming, get your kids settled into their new school, cook your first meal in your new home, find your beloved belongings their new spots and finally, breathe out knowing that MetroMovers looked after you.

Get a quote now or simply call us today on 1300 138 960 to speak to one of our friendly consultants. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us through our online contact form.

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